Tuesday, June 25, 2013

It's good to be home ....

We spent last week in Anchorage and had such a wonderful, wonderful time but it sure is good to be home.  It has been unusually hot here, and without having a well we aren't able to just turn on the hose and play in the water.  So last night, to beat the heat, the kids and I took Diesel down to the river to take a little break.  Ever found pretty rocks to bring home, Tell threw rocks, Diesel got to cool off, and by the end of the trip both kids were naked and playing in the mud and puddles.  Such a good time ....

Tell found a new flavor of Sun Chips -- 'Gulkana River Mud' 

Today has been trying, as a lot of days have been lately.  Not sure if it's the heat, or the kids, or the baby that is wearing me out so, but I'm plum worn out.  Thinking I need to tattoo "RELAX" or "PEACE" or "CALM DOWN!" onto the backs of my hands.  As my energy decreases, so does my patience.
Is there a trick to being a calm, gentle, happy mother?  
Do I need to set the alarm and do yoga every morning?   Hmmm, I could see that backfiring ...
Is there a bracelet you can wear?  Or a book you can read?    
Somebody help me out here.  
I love them so much and want that energy to overcome my tiredness and impatience.

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  1. I LOVE that last picture of the kids sitting in the puddle! So beautiful; I bet they will, too when they get older.

    And not that I have a lot of experience with my grand total of one baby, but if you're asking for advice, the best thing for me to remember to ask myself when I find frustration bubbling up is, "Does this really MATTER?" Does it really matter that Greg doesn't tuck the diapers in the diaper cover like I do? Does it matter that Sienna is having so much fun exploring that she's making a mess on the floor, or that I have to wait just ONE more minute for Greg to sit down to dinner as my insane hunger is gnawing at my stomach? Most of the time, not really. I have to embrace my inner mellow hippy, and let GO of that little bit of type-A. It isn't benefitting anyone at this stage of the game.. We probably won't remember in ten years how clean the house was, or how many times the diaper leaked, but our kids and spouses will most likely remember how we treated them.