Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Special Day(s).

Last week Ever and I went on a super-special-just-us trip to Anchorage to see Mary Poppins at the Performing Arts Center with my very good friend, Nanette.  We left at about 7 a.m., dropped Tell off with Grama and Grampa, did a teensy bit of errands before and after, and got back home at midnight.  Phew, it was a full day.  

It was so special.  It was Ever's first time at the PAC, and actually only my third time there as well.  Her Aunt Jo had already warmed her up with an enchanting description of her first time there and how very special it would be and, "Be sure to notice the ceiling!"  You can't see in the pictures, but the ceiling is beautiful, almost like a giant sunflower.  

Ever described the show as "magical."  We were in the balcony and she kept looking back to see where the spotlights were coming from and going to.  The sets were incredible.  The show opened up with a huge dollhouse-like creation that moved from the back of the stage to the front and slowly opened up to show the "house" stage.  There was incredible colors, dancers, tap dancing, children on stage... It really was magical.  
At intermission I was worried she would want to leave, because it was a long show, nearly three hours. I was so glad when she said, "Is there going to be more songs?"  She did so good all day, my girl is growing up on me.
I'm so thankful for the time with her and being able to share it with a good friend too.

:: Ever and Nanette crackin' up.
Notice her new bling from our thoughtful friend that knows what this little girl loves. ::

:: silly girls ::

:: of course we had to hit up a bakery for a cupcake afterwards ::

:: the never-flattering-self-taken photo, but Ever looks so happy I had to include it ::

:: thanks for snapping this one, Nanette :)  ::

::Tuckered after a long, wonderful day together ::

Oh, and today is a very special day too -- Bry and I's anniversary.  The big 8!  I looked for a photo of us, but my iphoto is a mess and I couldn't find the one I had in mind .... 
Loving this guy more and more every day.  Last night we were able to have dinner together at the Gakona Lodge while watching the river run by.  It was perfect.  Maybe a cake today to let the kids partake in the celebration too ;)

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  1. The sweetest sweetest of days...makes my heart happy to be able to see you both and spend time with you....xo