Thursday, July 26, 2012

Camera Heartache.

It was bound to happen.  
I lose just about everything, except for my children and wedding ring (knock on wood).  
Last week I lost my nice SLR camera while we were visiting Seward.  The lost pictures, the lost camera.  Heartache.
Now I'm in the market to buy a new camera.  The last one was a surprise Christmas gift, so I wasn't involved in the choosing.  Any opinions out there??
I know some people are shifting away from the bulky SLR's, but I kind-of feel they're key when it comes to capturing small kiddos....  Point-and-shoots seem to have come a long way though.  The pictures below were taken by one of Bry's crew with a point-and-shoot.  Very beautiful pictures.  Although, you'll notice, no small children he's trying to catch with their eyes open ;)

Bristol Bay. Photos by Dan Gransbury, Keystone crew

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