Monday, July 23, 2012

Mrs. Mallard

So, when we got our baby ducks it was obviously a grab bag.  We knew the white ones were Pekin, but not sure about the rest because all the eggs were supposed to be Pekin, but were obviously not.  Well, after a quick google search we have confirmed that "Duck" is a female Mallard.  Of all things, a pet Mallard?!?  I plan to start calling her Mrs. Mallard, but Bry doesn't believe in re-naming.

"Moses" is a Cayuga, but we're still not sure of his and the Pekins' gender.  It appears the drake feathers that would signify a male, may take up to four months to show.

In other duck news, they are starting to try and fly.  So far Moses has a personal best of about 20 feet :)

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  1. From what I understand about ducks...which is very little, is that usually Rouen ducks are more the domestic species, and Mallards are more the "wild" breed. They look almsot identical, which makes it pretty rough to varify.
    They're looking good though. All alive I see! Wish we could say the same for the turkey's, we're down to 6...