Friday, July 20, 2012

Missing Some Folks + Haggard Mom/Summer Re-Cap

We had such a wonderful, wonderful time these last 2 weeks.  Some highlights:
~ giggles, laughs, and kisses multiplied by 6!!
~ picking out sea shells at Second Run in Anchorage
~ Moose's Tooth freezing cold picnic at Point Woronzof
~ watching the mini van (and cringing) as it went up Archangel Road
~ definitely thinking of and missing Uncle Josh at this point
~ learning a new road existed that I never knew at Hatcher's Pass
~ hanging out at Worthington Glacier with Stace, Ever, Saige, & Tell
~ waiting and watching with the Nebraska crew for Bry to land coming home from Bristol Bay 
~ the train!  Especially hanging out in the vestibule with Tell, enjoying the gorgeousness and fresh air
~ getting a moment sans kiddos on the train with Maggie and laughing when she said, "Wow. Are we really alone? Don't touch me." :)
~ packing the mini van TO THE BRIM with Bry and 4 babes. That may have been a selling point for me.  That and seeing the seat literally disappear in the stow-and-go.
~ picnicking on the sunny Seward beach with Bry and seeing everyone exploring and appreciating the beach
~ finally got to sleep in a yurt!
~ beautiful sea lions at the Sea Life Center
~ watching Maggie spend 30 minutes at the sea life touch table and still asking questions :)
~ coffee, food, coffee, food, coffee, food ....
~ sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews, FAMILY.  Priceless time.

On a side note.  It has been suggested, by my brother(s), that I rename my blog from "Bright Eyes in the Morning" to "Haggard Mom." 
But....some supporting evidence and a glimpse into the nitty-gritty of summer life without dear Papa....

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