Saturday, July 28, 2012

Reaping the benefits ....

... of Bmen's hard work on his Cub.

This week we got to fly out as a family and stay at a friend's cabin for the night.  Mellow, simple, and laid-back.  A stunning spot, back out of the way, that has history for Bry and just the right amount of comfort for me.  In the fall there are horses there, so there was a corral and a tack cabin which, as you can see, was a real treasure trove for Ever.  So grateful for the little escape and uninterrupted time together.  Flying home with both kiddos squeezed on my lap, I realized I was experiencing a dream fulfilled.  So grateful.

Today we got to go to a wedding just up the road.  Ever was so excited to pick out her "wedding dress" and made sure to wear her jewelry, although was VERY disappointed she couldn't wear all of it at once .  A very sweet bridesmaid even gave her her bouquet, which was very special for her.  It was such a good reminder for me of how many wonderful people are in our bigger circle of acquaintances.  Sometimes I get a bit anti-people and this wedding was an example of things that are still right in the world.  Families, love, celebration, home.
So glad to have been reminded.

Gorgeous valley.

Tack room. Giddy Ever.

Scopin' for critters.

Ready to go for a hike.

All hiked out.

Lucky girl. Lucky Papa.

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