Monday, February 18, 2013

Filling our days.

A photo peek into our last couple weeks...

  Ever is enjoying learning how to ice skate.  Yesterday she even went without the pusher for a little bit, I was so proud and can't wait to take her back to practice more.  Tell thinks the skates are novel for about a minute and then he's ready to move on.  He just likes ramming the pusher around with his boots on like a football player.  The school's awesome playgrounds are within eye shot and are always pretty tempting for the kiddos.  On Sunday we got to play with their Alaska cousins all together.  They all took their turns with the skates and then went down the slides about 100 times each.  Such fun, such lucky kids.  

Today Bry took the kids and I out snowshoeing, my first time.  No camera.   Lots and lots and lots of snow.  Heavenly.

Loving these snowy spring days.  Finally got all my seeds ordered and although I'm excited to start seeing some green, I'm not sure I'm ready for my kitchen to be taken over by trays and dirt.  Won't be long though!

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  1. Oh what cute & beautiful children! And so much fun in the snow & cold ;)
    Little red cheeks & smiles ;)
    Thanks for sharing these, we love checking in with you on your blog.
    We don't have snow here now, but it is in the forcast for later this week!
    Love to you all XOXO
    Omi & Opa