Monday, April 30, 2012

A Proper Garden

I just finished a book of this name written by Elisabeth Sheldon.  I had to laugh at myself when, on the last two pages, she writes about how gardening is a hobby of the middle-aged.  Ha!  Now I'm feeling even older than I already felt.  But she goes on to really peg me with this inset:

"...When I wash and wipe my Chinese cups carefully for a long time, " she said, "I can feel myself getting older." She stuck with the job dutifully until it was finished, then, crossing swiftly over the doorrsill, went out into the garden.  Suddenly her nervous depression and bitterness fell away from her. The presence of any kind of vegetation acted on her like an antidote..."

This part was written by a different woman, a homemaker, who wasn't really "passionate" about her role inside the home, but through gardening felt renewed and reawakened.  I get that.  I hope to be lucky enough to share some garden pictures with you soon. xo

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