Monday, April 2, 2012

Triple Feature {+ Bonus}

Beautiful ....

Very Cool...

I don't like to make fun of other people, but this is a good reminder to me how we can sometimes feel so strongly of being correct or right and yet be so, comically, wrong.

Today, Ever and I went to make Coconut Muffins of all things, from my sister-in-law's blog and, as usual, had to do the standard Gakona 6 substitutions. Good idea when we have no plain flour and no coconut! Seriously, I must be really sleep deprived :) They turned out good though -- more of a Chocolate Oatmeal than a Double Coconut :) Ha! Ever even made up a baking song:

"First we watch them bake,
Then we cool them off,
Then we EAT THEM!"

And here is the {bonus} video ... xoxo

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