Friday, April 20, 2012


I'm loving how every morning is like a wonderful reunion between two long-lost friends.  Ever has the most excited "Hi Tell!"  and he flashes her his biggest smile and races towards her.  Every morning.  It's the sweetest thing.

I'm loving this crazy-haired kid and his crazy-haired sis.  Also loving Tylenol for the wicked fever he has going on.  And cartoons.
Ever is loving .... doing everything.  Except for anything that resembles quiet time or a nap.  I found her setting up this sweet little scenario on the window sill.  She said pink teddy is being "borned".   She also got to shoot the BB gun for the first time this week -- exciting times. She is loving that her giant sand pit is back from the winter snow.

Tell is loving music right now.  Loves the guitar, loves to dance. Any little jingle will do.  Papa is loving finally getting to paint some black on his beautiful airplane.  It's pretty time consuming, but he is still able to find little special moments with the kids.  Definitely exciting times for him too.

Forsythia.  On my outside-want list.  Wish I had one on both sides of the front steps just getting ready to bloom.  If only the nurseries weren't 3.5 hours away ...... sigh.

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