Monday, September 10, 2012

Changed my mind...

I originally was dreaming up a post about how I feel like I'm constantly taking one step forward and two steps back.  With every completed chore or project, it seems like six sprout up instantaneously.  Boo hoo, right?

However, last night in a brief moment of peace of mind, I just felt thankfulness spread throughout my whole body.  It has been SO nice having a houseful of family this week.  Wonderful to have people to visit with at night, to be able to say "good morning" to my own Mom, Dad, sister, and nephew.  This is such a rare treat for me.

Despite the small crowded kitchen, constant overflow of garbage cans, and yes, running out of water three days before the scheduled delivery.  I feel so very, very blessed for this time together.  I'm definitely not looking forward to when they have to pack up....

Helping Stace & Jose clean up their house for the big move.

Taking a break from the drudgery of cleaning to have a dance party.

Helping Omi get in her exercises at our house.  

Giving Tell an early lesson in powerful and inspiring women.  That's Condi :)

Our own personal u-pick farm at Grama & Grampa's.  GIANT peas!

My potato diggers.

Stumbled across this and couldn't help adding a flashback to our last very special visitors.  Miss you guys!!


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