Saturday, September 22, 2012

Your Daily Dose of Ever.

For some reason I tend to struggle with cooking breakfast.  Even though I love eating it, I just seem to not be quite enough awake to cook it well.  This morning I was feeling ambitious and started whipping up some pancakes for everyone (usually Bry's doing).

Of course, the first few were too burnt for our little Ever.  Tell ate them, of course.  Thank goodness he doesn't know any better yet.   I decided I'd go for a cloud-shape for Ever, since the clouds were incredible this morning.

Nope, she wants a princess.  Ok, rotate the cloud 90 degrees (since she's too short to see the skillet).  Here you are, a princess.  Ever's reaction:

"Mom, is this your best technique?"  
My girl. You don't miss a thing.

Sunrise out the kitchen window.

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