Tuesday, September 4, 2012

RIP Sweet Ducks.

Well, it finally happened.

While we were away last week someone was tending to the ducks for us.  He called and said that he stopped by after school and somehow the house had been opened and only one duck was in there.  We held out hope that maybe the three lost ducks would show up.  Unfortunately they have not.  Big Momma is the last lone duck.  Poor girl.

Ever (and I, and everyone else) are extremely sad.  We'll be taking Big Momma to a farm so she won't be all alone here.  Opa has her convinced that the other three have flown to the Bahamas.  I told Opa he better be there when/if we make it to the Bahamas in case the ducks aren't there ... One thing about Ever -- she has the memory of an elephant.

Anyway, so thankful for the summer with our motley crew of sweet ducks.  We will miss them.  A lesson for us tenderhearts in having living things.  At least as of now, I feel like the joy was worth the heartache.

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