Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wind, books, food.

Wind, books, food.  
That's pretty much our life this week.  This incredible, incredible wind makes it near impossible to do anything outdoors.  Tell and I played for a while out there yesterday and I had to laugh at his fearlessness while putting his head down and trying to trudge ahead.  That's all fine until a giant gust of sand gets you in the face....

So, we've been keeping busy indoors.  Ever could read books all day.  And I sent up a prayer of gratitude to Peggy Rathmann, because finally a book -- Goodnight Gorilla -- has caught Tell's attention.  I had been internally fretting about not being able to read him a book without him scrambling away uninterested, until yesterday.  So thankful to see him get excited about a book.  I can't wait to read him so many more.

We received this humongous cabbage from a friend the other day.  I hesitated to say that I would take one cabbage, since I'm still nursing and Bry can't eat the stuff.  I about fell over when I saw the size of it.  Holy smokes.  Any creative recipes out there?  I'm eyeing Cabbage Noodles for tonight.  It's just exactly what it says -- cabbage and noodles :)
This afternoon Omi whipped up some Apple Cider Donuts by request.  They are delicious, but we aren't sure if they are worth all the work.  Homemade sure is special though ....

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