Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Time to step it up.

Food allergies.

They are such a bummer, but are becoming more and more prevalent.    It seems like before we had children, people would come over and we'd snack and eat and carry on.  There would be the friend here and there who had an allergy, but it was never too big of a deal.  Adults usually know what they can and cannot eat.

And then we had children.

I now have three nephews that have known food allergies -- ranging from very serious to "we don't know yet".  Just the other day, my sweet nephew had eggs in his food at my house.  We all felt SO terrible.  I had just finished telling my sister-in-law, "You know, I just hesitate to even offer the kids food any more....", when we noticed the little red welts on his cheeks.

How lame.  And what a lame attitude on my part.  It's time to quit being lazy and get it together -- in so many areas of life, but that's another story.  My hope is to get together an arsenal of recipes, snacks, and foods for these kiddos.  Keep them tucked away in a special spot for times just like that.

Soooo, if any of you have any resources or ideas, please send them my way.  Auntie needs to step it up a notch.

On an unrelated note, how fun and pretty is this new pattern by Anna Maria Horner.  It just made it's way close-ish to the top of my crafting to-do list.  My girl does love herself a pretty feather....


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