Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A little more birthday.

We had a lot of fun on Ever's birthday.  The morning was spent baking, cooking, and for Bmen, diving for lobster.  Evidence below shows he was successful:

This year's cake was a starfish and we had a picnic right by the houses here.  Ever requested "brown snapper" (friend fish) and her Papa was happy to oblige.  It was lovely, even if a bit windy, and with a few more people than we originally expected.  That's what happens when you invite the one lady that serves lunch on an island.  Her customers still need their lunch ;)
It was busy and I didn't get to spend as much time with Ever as I usually would, but she was doted on plenty by her Crooked Island friends and family.  I know she felt loved and at one point I walked by her as she walked around muttering, "I am queen, I am queen."  This girl.... I could write a whole post on the things I love most about her, but I think I'll save it for her memory book.  All I can say is she truly does make life so much more beautiful.  Such a heart, a special soul.  I feel so lucky to have her.

She shares her birthday with a good friend from Landrail, Marina.  I'm so glad she came over and they could celebrate together.  Bry got out the wake board and they had some fun right out front here.  Was so fun to watch, and tempting to try sometime.  

 Ever and Rowan were my frosting helpers.  They have had so much fun pal-ing around here.  A kids' -- and parent's -- heaven.  Sand, sun, playmates.  They have fun, even with tears and little spats interspersed.

Technically this isn't a birthday picture, but these flamingoes fly over our house every single morning and I finally caught them with my camera!  Many times I would see them when I didn't have it, and then there were days when I carried it around for hours to somehow miss them.  Was so excited to finally get a picture yesterday... This is the first trip I've seen them so often and so near.  Gorgeous.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Ever's Birthday with us! What a little Princess ;)
    Loved the pictures! Tell her we were thinking of her on her Birthday and was sure she would have a wonderful day.
    Love you all, Omi & Opa