Friday, January 18, 2013

I took my shark for a walk today...

and she led us to the zoo.

But no, seriously.  The big, Caribbean blue swimming pool we go to every day right out front is usually spotless.  But this morning a big, dark shadow was moving rapidly through it.  
Ever said, "It's a sting ray." 
I thought, "Hmm... don't think so."
It was about the size of a dolphin, so we followed it up the beach.  I was secretly hoping to see the friendly dolphin fin surface, but it never did.  It was so awesome watching it swim so close to the beach though, and it led us up to where I usually go to turtle watch.  Sure enough, I got to see lots of turtles, the shark tale once, and even a ray.  The funniest part was when I saw a little shadow dart away from the shark towards the beach.  I walked over to see the cutest little turtle.  It was so close and the water is so clear, I could see the design on it's shell.  
And then I was in a pickle.  
I've really been wanting to catch a turtle to show the kids.  It's so fun to see them up close.  The turtle was only about 3 feet out into the water.  But then there was the shark about 10 feet from that.  And then there were the kids, getting further and further away as I followed the little turtle.  It eventually swam deeper into the water though.  And our turtle studies will have to wait for another day...

The morning turned out to be one of my most fun and memorable of this trip with the kids.  I didn't take a single picture.  Sometimes I think we have the most fun when we're just doing it and not trying to capture it.  We played in the surf, watched for turtles to poke their heads up, and played on the giant sand slides that the tide had made just for them.  Blessed, blessed days these are.

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  1. Enjoyed this post Jak ;)
    Can't imagine watching a shark so close to shore!
    Enjoy your last few days of sand & warmth...
    Love you XOXO