Monday, January 14, 2013


Miraculously, the caterpillar that Ever begged us to let her keep on a bike ride a week and a half ago, actually built a cocoon.  AND the cocoon actually hatched a little over a week later.  It was incredible.  What fun....

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  1. Oh how exciting Ever!! Love the pictures of you & your Papa & the butterfly ;) It's pretty cool to see your butterfly on the piece of grass too!
    looks like a "pet" butterfly !
    You must be having a lot of fun down in the warm Bahamas :)
    We are a bit chilly here in Nebraska (18) ~ even colder than Gakona (38)!
    At least we have blue skies & sunshine! Thank you God for all of you & the sun ;)
    XOXO Omi & Opa