Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mid-way Update.

::Tell "rinsing" Grampa off::


::Chuck & Bry out hunting lobster and brown snapper.  I got to "keep up" with the boat.  A little chilly :)  ::

::Tell preferred Santa from afar.  Ever saddled right up to tell him she only had 2 dolls::

::Lucky ducks with Grama & Grampa on Christmas::

::Papa trying out Ever's butterfly net from Omi::

::The closest I've got to catching a fish down here -- would've been a nice Wahoo too, if it weren't for the sharks::

::An early birthday party for Ever before Grama & Grampa left.  Grampa fixed up quite a cake for her!::

::My jogging companions in the morning::

::a favorite of mine::

::Shell Beach lived up to it's name!  And even provided a bucket.  We missed Omi, Grama, and our Aunts -- they would've loved it::

::Christmas Eve at the fish house with good friends -- Willie, Bmen, Tell, Janette, Woody, & Jamari::

Well, it's hard to believe we are halfway through already.  So much fun has been had.  So many crying fits.  Fish have been caught.  Shells have been found.  Nature observed.  Frustration.  Joy.  Contentment.  Life ;)  You know the drill.

A couple highlights not in the pictures:

::Ever getting to hold a sweet little (although stunned) bird in her hands while it recovered from hitting the window.  So sweet.

::Finding a caterpillar and astonished to see it start to build it's cocoon that very night.  We couldn't believe it.  Will keep you posted ....

::Felt my heart flutter to see a lone dolphin swimming right by us on my niece Emory's would-be 6th birthday.  Couldn't help but think of her and whisper a "Hello, we love you."  Maybe silly of me, maybe not ....

Until next time --

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  1. Jackie, I am loving the pictures from Crooked Island! Love the ones of Tell spraying Chuck, Chuck and Bry huddled in the boat together, and you looking pretty with a baby on one knee and a bloody fish head on the other...haha. Ever is SCARY beautiful!! She looks just like a little mermaid. Lock her up 'til she's 30! :) Fun to hear about all your adventures, and am intrigued by "The Old Man and the Harley." Online book club, perhaps? :) Have fun!