Sunday, January 20, 2013


The Papa's took the two older kids out hand-line fishing in the boat.  A special trip for them as our days wind down and before the boat needs put away for good.  They caught two fish and had a good ole' time.

After putting in their Papa time, they came back to drop off the kids and pick up Pete and Ben to do some diving.  They came home with plenty of fish and some lobster.  Bry's showing off a permit he speared below.
I need never fear of starving as long as I stay close to this guy.  He took me snorkeling and dove down and came up with a lobster and a mutton snapper on the same spear!  The snorkeling was awesome.  An incredibly large reef out by the lighthouse.  Thousands of fish, countless different kinds.  A real underwater metropolis is what it reminded me of.  No sharks, no barracudas.  Some jellyfish, but we tried to ignore them.  I only got one little zap on my calf that's already gone.  I'm so grateful that we got to go, makes me excited for when the kids get old enough and we can go more together...

P.S.  Bry's nasty Caribbean Itch is nearly gone, thank goodness :)

1 comment:

  1. Ever has got a nice fish there! Bry too!
    You're right, he can keep you in fish there and meat in Alaska ;)
    Oh, he keeps you in fish is Alaska too!
    What a guy! Enjoy the rest of your stay...
    love, Omi & Opa